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2020 Dec 02

New Project: “FANTASM”

New Project: “FANTASM”

Very exciting news! It looks like David will be involved in a new project titled “Fantasm”. The project is currently in pre-production and slated to start in February 2021. David is listed as the director, executive producer, and director of photography. Below, you can click to help fund the project and I have included with funding will help with! You can also read the description of the series below or view it on

Your contributions will enable us to cover the bulk of production and post-production costs for our pilot, such as PPE for Covid safety, meals, costumes, props, set design elements, shooting permits, sound mixing, and special effects. We value your contributions highly, which is we are offering cool perks like free tickets to our Virtual Premiere Party and Tarot Card Readings!

Indiegogo.comFantasm is a drama thriller series about an OnlyFans cam girl who accidentally meets the wife of her most twisted viewer. The two women develop an unlikely online friendship, but soon the cam girl begins to realize her new friend’s life, and her own, might be in danger.