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Gallery Update: Netflix “Hollywood”

[ Written on January 17 2021 by tiffany ]

I have updated the gallery with behind the scenes images from the cast’s social media, images from the Hollywood Press Kit, as well as a new set of promotional images. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Magazine Scans from 2019 & 2020

[ Written on January 11 2021 by tiffany ]

Magazine scans from 2019 & 2020 have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Portrait Session from 2018

[ Written on January 10 2021 by tiffany ]

First of all, hope everyone is having a very good start to the year! I’ve stumbled upon a portrait session that David did back in 2018 and have added them to the gallery.

I will be slowly working on adding additional images as well as updating pages on the site so check back for those updates!

Audible Original: Photograph 51

[ Written on December 10 2020 by tiffany ]

David is a part of the audiobook Photograph 51 which was originally a play created by Anna Ziegler. He will voice the character of James Watson. You can read the audiobook description below and purchase it on Audible.

In 1951, chemist Rosalind Franklin (Anna Chlumsky) works relentlessly in her King’s College London lab, closing in on a major discovery that could unlock the mysteries of the DNA molecule. Undermined by her colleague Maurice Wilkins (Omar Metwally), she struggles to compete with rival team Watson and Crick (David Corenswet and Aasif Mandvi) as pressure intensifies to produce results. Following a critically acclaimed run in London, Anna Ziegler’s play is brought to life in a new production directed by five-time Tony Award winner Susan Stroman, honoring the monumental contribution of one scientist with two X chromosomes whom history nearly left behind.

New Project: “FANTASM”

[ Written on December 02 2020 by tiffany ]

Very exciting news! It looks like David will be involved in a new project titled “Fantasm”. The project is currently in pre-production and slated to start in February 2021. David is listed as the director, executive producer, and director of photography. Below, you can click to help fund the project and I have included with funding will help with! You can also read the description of the series below or view it on Indiegogo.com.

Your contributions will enable us to cover the bulk of production and post-production costs for our pilot, such as PPE for Covid safety, meals, costumes, props, set design elements, shooting permits, sound mixing, and special effects. We value your contributions highly, which is we are offering cool perks like free tickets to our Virtual Premiere Party and Tarot Card Readings!

Indiegogo.comFantasm is a drama thriller series about an OnlyFans cam girl who accidentally meets the wife of her most twisted viewer. The two women develop an unlikely online friendship, but soon the cam girl begins to realize her new friend’s life, and her own, might be in danger.

Instinct 1×12 “Live” Screen Captures

[ Written on November 29 2020 by tiffany ]

Back in 2018, David guest starred on a show called Instinct as Spencer Baymoore. Screen captures from the episode have been added to the gallery.

Guest Roles > Instinct (2018) > 1x12 "Live" Screencaptures

“The Politician” Season 2 Screen Captures

[ Written on November 27 2020 by tiffany ]

Screen captures of David as River Barkley from the second season of The Politician have been added to the gallery. The Politician is currently streaming on Netflix.

Season 2 > Episode Screencaptures > 2x01 "New York State of Mind"
Season 2 > Episode Screencaptures > 2x02 "Conscious Unthroupling" 
Season 2 > Episode Screencaptures > 2x07 "Election Day"

“Project Pay Day” Trailer

[ Written on November 24 2020 by tiffany ]

Welcome To David Corenswet Web!

[ Written on November 24 2020 by tiffany ]

Welcome to David Corenswet Web, your newest online source for everything on the amazing actor David Corenswet. You may recognize David from TV Shows like The Politician and Hollywood. Here at DCW, we strive to provide you with the latest news, updates and photos of David.

Please make sure to visit our growing gallery which already holds 6,000+ photos of David! We will continue to update the gallery with missing projects and photos as the weeks go on.

Make sure to follow us @DCorenswetWeb to keep up with daily updates!

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